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The wealth management professionals at Pacific Crest Global Wealth Management are dedicated to serving high net worth clients and corporations by providing independent, comprehensive, and objective financial planning and consulting. We develop long-term relationships with clients by gaining a thorough understanding of their ongoing goals, preferences, and unique circumstances. We are dedicated to customizing plans for every individual’s evolving needs.


Step 1: Understanding Client Needs

In order to best understand your needs, we review your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, income requirements, tax status and special circumstances. We educate you about our approach to investment and encourage you to ask questions about how and what we do for you.

Step 2: Creating Your Solutions

Following review of the client needs, and depending on the composition and complexity of your portfolio, we design a customized implementation plan to suit your specific circumstances.

Step 3: Implementing Your Plan

In addition to managing your portfolio in accordance with your goals, we will monitor your investments, provide you with quarterly portfolio appraisal and performance reports, invest additional cash inflows, rebalance to targets, and maintain detailed tax records for your account. We also work closely with your specialized financial professionals in the area of tax and law. Above all, we focus on maximizing after-tax return at an agreed-upon level of risk, while maintaining a long-term perspective.

Step 4: Managing The Results

We will have periodic meetings as necessary to review your portfolio to discuss any significant changes in your personal or financial situation. When necessary, changes will be made to rebalance your portfolio.